It is not easy living in clutter.  The mess burns energy and is overwhelming.   So why do we live in such disarray?  No one can figure that out but you!  Go through these exercises.  Do not buy special notebooks or paper for this.  Just copy into a word document or into an email and answer.  No more clutter for you!  This little quiz identifies your cluttering style and level:

Count the rooms in your house.  How many are not usable due to clutter?  How many are usable but are usually avoided due to clutter?

Look the most cluttered room.   Rank by number the clutter in this room (number 1 the most observed or most represented).  You can also rank by what takes up the most space if you would like.  You also might find it more helpful to see what is on top and covering up everything else.  Is there furniture underneath that layer of new clothing.

Some suggestions for observation about your stuff (just make a few check-marks for each item you see):

  • Furniture in good shape, in bad shape, or that you imagine will be great once you get around to painting, refinishing, or excavating!
  • Presents that you bought for someone else (no matter what they are
  • Objects, toys, parts of fans, scrapes of colorful paper, etc., which you think might become useful to you or someone else.  You might be thinking that the school could use these…
  • Books
  • Bins full of ?
  • DVDs
  • Videotapes (personal and movies)
  • Recyclable items
  • Linens (blankets, sheets, pillow cases)
  • Laundry (washed, unwashed, scattered or neat and folded.
  • Animal stuff (crates, litter boxes, leases, beds, food bags, cans)\
  • Food and food trash
  • Trash generalized
  • Craft stuff in general (yard, scrapbook supplies, paper, pens, paint, easels, art books, future collage items,etc.)
  • Unknown objects

Now, without going out shopping, see if  you have the following (come on, you can find these things in your house, do not leave your house to buy these, make do):

  • Trash Bags (I prefer ACE lawn and leaf bags because they are paper, recyclable, and stand up straight!)
  • Cardboard boxes (Fruit boxes from small markets are good for sorting), medium boxes or paper grocery bags are perfect for filling with random things to GIVE AWAY
  • Broom
  • Upright dust pans or any stand up dust pan (you want to sweep as much as possible and put as little strain on the back):

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