MUSEUM OF MODERN JUNK: Training the eye.

So now you have a short check list:

  • Supplies:  Ace Lawn and Leaf Paper Bags, broom, stand up dust bin (also available at ACE and made in USA!.
  • Friends.  We will talk more about this later
  • Get scientific.  Have you observed and documented what is in your space?
  • Read.  Keep reading one book at a time from the library.  While you are reading one book you can order the next to be derived to your local library (don’t buy more books please!)
  • Open eyes.  Can you see the clutter?  After a long time not really seeing what is around us we can become clutter blind.
  • Doctor’s visit to determine if you need further evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychologist or support groups, pulmonologist for sleep apnea evaluation, endocrinologist to see if you have a glandular problem, or primary care for sleep issues.   Please refer to previous entry for more details.
  • Speak with work.  Seems crazy but your Employee Assistance Program can help.   Look around.  If you are disorganized at home it might be due to stress at work, irregular work hours, graveyard shift, alcohol or other substance abuse problems.   This illness can be linked with distracted work patterns, chronic lateness, chronic staying late at work (to compensate).  Chronic disabilities can also lead to exhaustion if you are staying at work longer hours to compensate as well.   EAP can help.  It also documents that you are trying to overcome problems.  It is important for everyone who has clutter beyond their control to try and open up and release the secret and get a clean bill of health before starting.   The health check can help start to improve some of the reasons why and also make sure that it is save to do the mental and physical work that lays ahead.

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