MUSEUM OF MODERN JUNK: Morning Routine for Messies

In the middle of immersion and feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Self-Sooth!

  • Sweep every morning
  • Pick a great music station
  • Draw a few pictures of your mess so you can see it and make a plan for the next hour
  • Attack a small area like the top of a table or dresser
  • If you have pets, go for a walk, it is good for everyone
  • Open all of your windows (Many clutter-bugs hide behind closed drapes)
  • If your window-coverings are moldy, torn, or beyond help, pull them down and put them in the recycling bin if cloth.
  • Wash a window or too.  Be a proud  recovering-clutter-bug.  Stop hiding.  Sharing your problem and getting light in your house is wondrous!

Push away the urge to waste time on the path to freedom.  Typical avoidance behaviors or time-wasters (excuses):

  • Go on the evil computer
  • Watch T.V.
  • Talk to friends
  • Eat junk
  • Sleep
  • Cry
  • Stare out the window for hours
  • Read junky novels (now is not the time)
  • Drink, smoke, etc.



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