MUSEUM OF MODERN JUNK: Give Thanks, Honor History, Get Out of the House

There are exactly three things to do today:

Be thankful.  Make it a habit.

Honor History.  Think about what really happened when the pilgrims came here.  Don’t look it up or surf the web.  Just think about it.

Get out of the house. If you have absolutely no invitations, make a few phone-calls to friends and relatives (keep them short), volunteer, or go out in nature.  No staying home!  Remember you are not shopping today, tomorrow, or possibly never again!

Spend some time with friends or family.  Call ahead and see if it would be helpful to come early.  You can help cut vegetables or set the table.  If not, go for a walk near the person’s house and be on time!

Here is the list for quick jobs before leaving the house.  Remember “Good Enough is Good Enough.”:

  • Pick up every towel or cloth in your kitchen.  Keep three kitchen towels.  Put the rest in the trash, in the recycle bag, the give away pile (they make up rag bags), or, if new, with tags, take to the thanksgiving fest as a gift.
  • Take everything out of your kitchen sink. Take out rare heirlooms or valued dishes, wash and put away.  Can’t find a place?  Make room by throwing out things.  Anything rusted or rotted or cracked goes out!   Throw it all in the trash (ceramic cannot be recycled with single stream).  Do not try to recycle.  Get that sink empty NOW.  Take the trash out.  Scrub the sink with soap and water.  Leave a good sudsy layer on for a few minutes and then scrub off.  I like these purple scrubbers because they stay clean.
  • Sweep the floor that is visible.
  • Throw out the trash and put all recycling out.  Take it to the curb or ask for help.
  • Put furniture out on the curb now (someone might take it over the holiday weekend!)

Now get outta here!  Take a book with you and leave it for someone else to read when you finish it!  Take the dogs to the dog park.  Donate towels and newspapers to the pet shelter.  Call a friend and go for a long walk.  Do not stay home!


MUSEUM OF MODERN JUNK: What style of junk artist are you?… heaped vs. spread, churned vs. sorted, dirty vs. clean, wet vs. dry, stinky vs. fresh, dark vs. light, closed vs. open, ugly vs. lovely, needs fixing vs. all fixed up!

Immersion leads to intimacy leads to seeing.   What is clutter style?  Take this quick quiz first to find out.

  • Is the mess heaped up or spread?
  • Any areas of floor visible?
  • Is the floor covered in ruined carpet that needs to be pulled up?
  • Is it grimy?
  • Large areas of damaged walls, cupboards or flooring, wallpaper damaged by watery “stuff”, termites, dry-rot?
  • Is the clutter sorted into neat boxes and bins or churned (all different types of stuff mixed in together)?
  • Does it smell like lemons and flowers, fresh air and lollipops?  or does it smell like animals, mold, must, and worse?
  • Are things dry and clean or slimy and grimy?
  • Windows closed and covered? Lightbulbs burned out or not working?  Is your place dingy and dark or are the windows clear and sunlight pouring into your home?
  • Do you have lots of beautiful objects laying about.  Click here to see.
  • Lots of stuff needs repair, refinishing and repainting?
  • Fire or flood happened or at risk?

Dealing with a churned, dark, stinky, broken mess?

If so, call in reinforcements now and “suit up!” a la Barney in HIMYM.

face masks


protective suits

lots of heavy-duty plastic garbage bags


cleaning supplies

Now give them instructions on what you want saved (if salvageable) and instructions to photograph damaged items and send them for approval before disposing.

Then run!  Take a communication device (tablet, phone, computer) and get out of their and let them clear it.  Overwhelmed, dangerous, gross, dirty, grimy, filthy…get out and come back when it is time to scrub and clean.